Solar System to pump water - ACRASAME ZP
06 Jul

CoCoDA Inaugurates a Solar System to provide water to over 600 families

ACRAZAME-ZPOn Saturday, June 11th, longtime partner CRC, the ACRASAME Water Board, and CoCoDA inaugurated the recently retrofitted solar-powered water system for ten rural communities west of Suchitoto.  This system, hosted in Sitio Zapotal, provides water to over 600 families and over 2,000 people.  It is the largest solar-powered water system collaboration in CoCoDA history with 96 solar panels in operation.During the ceremony, Edgardo Molina of CRC, Félix Ángela Pineda of the Acrasame Water Board, and Jim Mulholland of CoCoDA spoke...

20 Mar

Rotary Tour to El Salvador, June 9-14, 2022

COME SEE WHAT ROTARIANS HAVE ACCOMPLISHEDIn 2021, Rotarians across the US and Canada have contributed over $31,000 to the construction of solar-powered water systems in Central America in collaboration with CoCoDA.  The first of these projects is complete.  $3,500 of these funds came from Ohio Rotary clubs.Ohio Rotarians are invited to celebrate the inauguration of the Acrasame Solar Powered Water Project in La Mora, El Salvador.  This tour will be from Thursday, June 9th through Tuesday, June 14th, 2022.   The...

21 Dec

Making Central American Dreams Come True

In the past, we’ve often emphasized how your Christmas donation to CoCoDA would help us purchase so many bricks, books, medicines, solar panels, and other tangible items.  While these are important, those objects are always connected to real people. This year, we’re asking you to donate to people and their dreams!Rosa Murillo is better known as Morena. She has been a nurse since the civil war in El Salvador. Since then, she worked as a nurse for her community, paid and unpaid.A donation...

Bringing Water through Solar Panels in Central America
09 Dec

Bringing Water to Central Americans

In 2003, in response to the dreams of our partner communities in Central America, CoCoDA began planning and fundraising for our first water system in El Zapote, El Salvador.  This rather simple project took two years to complete.  We had a lot to learn.  Mr. Alan Winslow was key in championing this project with Rotarians in Evansville and Vincennes, Indiana, who helped raise about $10,000 for this pilot program.The First Solar Power Water System in El SalvadorCoCoDA and community...

Sun and Water Conference 2021
15 May

2021 Sun and Water Conference Brings North and Central Americans Together

In October of 2017, CoCoDA held its first Sun and Water Conference in Suchitoto, El Salvador.  That conference leveraged nearly $180,000 for four small, rural solar powered water projects serving about 1500 people in Central America.  Based on the success of that initiative, CoCoDA had planned another conference in October of 2020.  Of course, we hadn’t planned on a pandemic.That didn’t stop us.On April, CoCoDA held its second Sun and Water Conference virtually.  We had over 70 participants from North...

28 Jan

CoCoDA invites you to the VIRTUAL Sun and Water Conference

A virtual gathering of Central American community leaders and North American supporters to explore the incredible potential of using solar power to bring clean, affordable and sustainable water to rural Central Americans. The Need Since 2000, Companion Community Development Alternatives (CoCoDA) has been partnering with Central American communities, local NGOs, Rotary International, local Rotary Clubs, and the Washington Ethical Society in building potable water systems. While there has been significant progress, potable water continues to be a challenge in Central America. At...

23 Jul

Aguacayo community received water through the Sun and Water Initiative

Aguacayo community, like many communities in El Salvador, was very affected during civil war. When families started to repopulate the community, they faced with a different kind of life with no water at homes. They had to walk dangerous paths to get water. Meet Carmen Amaya, one of the first inhabitants of this community and know some of the history around this issue and how CoCoDA changed their life with a new water system and then with the Sun and...

Central American Sun and Water Conference
11 Jul

Be inspired with the 2021 Central American Sun and Water conference

Companion Community Development Alternatives (CoCoDA) alongside Central American communities, local NGO’s, Rotary International, local Rotary clubs and the Washington Ethical Society have been partnering in building potable water systems.During these difficult times, much of our work in Central America has stalled, but we are still able to prepare for four new solar-powered water systems coming in 2021. These systems make possible the distribution of this vital liquid straight to homes at a low cost using renewable energy.Thanks to solar energy as...

Inauguration of the Solar-Panel Water System in Zacataloza, Nicaragua
30 Mar

Solar-powered water System to solve water issues in Zacataloza, Nicaragua

On February 1st, 2020, the community of Zacataloza, Luis Arturo Mairena the mayor of the Municipality of Ciudad Antigua, local government officials, Fredi Flores the Executive Director of MCN, the engineers, and a delegation of financial supporters from the United States gathered to celebrate the inauguration of the Solar Powered Water System in Zacataloza, Nicaragua. No more would women and children spend 3-4 hours each day traveling that path to acquire water. In 2015, Zacataloza was identified by our Nicaraguan partners as...

Education - CoCoDA
06 Mar


In CoCoDA, in collaboration with our partners, seeks to create longitudinal programs that support education from pre-school to university.Our projects are identified, designed, and managed by our partner communities. We support local elementary and secondary education that intentionally prepares for and works toward university attendance. We do not provide educational loans. Instead, we ask our scholars to provide leadership and education to others during and after their university education. Many of our scholars...