A virtual gathering of Central American community leaders and North American supporters to explore the incredible potential of using solar power to bring clean, affordable and sustainable water to rural Central Americans.

The Need

Since 2000, Companion Community Development Alternatives (CoCoDA) has been partnering with Central American communities, local NGOs, Rotary International, local Rotary Clubs, and the Washington Ethical Society in building potable water systems. While there has been significant progress, potable water continues to be a challenge in Central America. At present, about 88% of Salvadorans and 68% of Nicaraguans have access to clean water. Unfortunately, those still without access to clean water live largely in rural villages where the pumping of water is required.

In 2010, CoCoDA and our US and Central American partners created one of the first solar-powered community water systems in Zacamil Dos, El Salvador.

This project reduced the cost of water by more than 50% and enabled the village to expand and sustain its water system.
In 2017, CoCoDA launched the Sun and Water Initiative which replicated this approach.

This initiative raised or leveraged over $180,000, constructed three projects serving nearly 1000 people, and demonstrating that solar power can save Central American communities $2500 each year.

The 2021 Central American Sun and Water Conference will highlight what we’ve learned about solar-powered water systems, connect Central American community leaders with North American supporters, and introduce two shovel-ready, solar-powered water projects in need of funding in 2022.

Conference Highlights

Two days of live interaction with leaders in El Salvador and Nicaragua as well as the staff and engineers of CoCoDA.

A virtual tour of the Zacamil Dos solar-powered water project.

Two sessions on the advantages of solar power, best practices in system management, and water system sustainability by Ryan Zaricki, Solar Engineer. Opportunities to interact and develop international partnerships and collaborations.

If you want to know more, you can download the attached document to this article.