In the past, we’ve often emphasized how your Christmas donation to CoCoDA would help us purchase so many bricks, books, medicines, solar panels, and other tangible items.  While these are important, those objects are always connected to real people. This year, we’re asking you to donate to people and their dreams!

Rosa Murillo is better known as Morena. She has been a nurse since the civil war in El Salvador. Since then, she worked as a nurse for her community, paid and unpaid.

A donation of twenty dollars makes it possible for Rosa Murillo, better known as Morena, to provide care and medications to one patient at the La Mora Clinic in El Salvador.  Morena has worked at the clinic for 21 years.

She had worked for the community as a nurse since before the clinic existed. People know and trust her.  When Covid-19 caused lockdowns and filled hospitals, Morena filled many gaps in providing care for those in rural communities.

Juan Palacios chlorinates the water for the solar-powered water system in Aguacayo, El Salvador.

A donation of thirty dollars provides the chlorine necessary for Juan Palacios to chlorinate the water for the solar-powered water system in Aguacayo, El Salvador.

Every other day, Juan makes the long walk down into the canyon to replace the chlorine tablet.  He walks a path once traveled by dozens of women and children each day.

Families in Palo Grande, El Salvador receive kits from REDES thanks to donations through CoCoDA.

A donation of fifty dollars supplies a family in Central America with the masks, sanitizer, and all ingredients for combating the spread of Covid-19. 

Through our partner, REDES, the families in Palo Grande have been able to avoid infection and live safely.

Jerry is a Solar Energy consultant for CoCoDA.

A donation of two hundred dollars pays one month of consulting fees for our engineer, Rene Luarca Maiti (Jerry) to continue his work designing solar-powered projects, working with contractors and vendors, consulting with community leaders, and making dreams come true.

This is money very well spent.  Without Jerry, our solar-powered initiative would never have happened.  Thanks to him, thousands of people in Central America have access to affordable, clean water.

Idiz Gradiz is a nursing student through the scholarship program in Nicaragua.

A donation of two hundred and fifty dollars helps to pay for a semester of study for Idiz Gradiz.  Idiz is from the mountain community of Zacataloza, Nicaragua. 

Thanks to our scholarship program in her community, she was able to finish high school and begin her nursing studies.  She brings this knowledge and expertise back to Zacataloza, a community that has never had a nurse or doctor.

Karla Andasol student of art through the Youth Leadership Campaign in El Salvador.

A donation of five hundred dollars funds a year of education for Karla Andasol through the Youth Leadership  Campaign in El Salvador.  Karla has studied art and recently had her first public exhibit in the San Salvador gallery.

Karla is one of over 150 students who have graduated from the YLC program and who live in the recently purchased Casa Iván Villasboa during their studies.

CoCoDA is still about $7,000 short of meeting our 2021 budget.  Fortunately, many people like you make donations in the month of December.  Please help us end the year in the black by donating today!

Make your donation through this link.