Companion Community Development Alternatives (CoCoDA) alongside Central American communities, local NGO’s, Rotary International, local Rotary clubs and the Washington Ethical Society have been partnering in building potable water systems.

During these difficult times, much of our work in Central America has stalled, but we are still able to prepare for four new solar-powered water systems coming in 2021. These systems make possible the distribution of this vital liquid straight to homes at a low cost using renewable energy.

Thanks to solar energy as renewable energy, humanity is transitioning to a low carbon economy, addressing the scarcity of fossil fuels and their harmful effects on the environment, as the main cause of global warming.

The 2021 Central American Sun and Water Conference will highlight what we’ve learned about solar-powered water systems, connect Central American community leaders with North American supporters, and introduce four shovel-ready, solar-powered water projects in need of funding in 2022.

If you want to read more about our coming Sun and Water Conference in 2021, you can download this document in English The 2021 Central American Sun & Water Conference and in Spanish La Conferencia de Agua y Energía Solar en Centroamérica, 2021