In February of 2019, after years of fundraising, CoCoDA provided our partners ADES with a $75,000 grant to purchase a large home in San Salvador to serve as a dormitory for the Youth Leadership Campaign (YLC). After years of paying rent, the program now has a permanent home within walking distance from the University of El Salvador.

For many years, CoCoDA has been supporting the Youth Leadership Campaign (YLC) in El Salvador. This unique program provides room and board for about 35 university students each year. In El Salvador, while tuition is low, expenses to live in San Salvador are too high for most rural families. YLC has made it possible for nearly 150 students at graduate from university and return with vital skills for their communities.

Special thanks to the following people and groups that have made this dream come true:

  • Richard and Barbara Cook
  • Mark and Leslie Spira Lopez
  • Alan Penczek
  • Helen Ganotis
  • River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation
  • The Brave Heart Foundation