In this video, Dr. Alex Hurtado and Midwife Higinia Hernandez explain how desperately they need the resources to fight Covid-19 in Central America. 

In El Salvador, there have been about 22,000 “reported” cases and about 600 deaths.  Nicaragua has had at least 130 deaths. 

These are high numbers for these small countries. 

There is also lots of evidence that many are dying at home and that the mortality and case rates are higher than reported.

Both countries have few ventilators and their health systems are struggling to respond to the pandemic.

In June, even though we’re financially strapped, CoCoDA was able to send funding to assist some of our partners, but our partners are reporting increased needs.


In August, CoCoDA is launching a Central American Relief Effort (CARE) campaign. 

Our goal is to immediately raise $5,000 to purchase high-quality masks and protective equipment for midwives, community and public health workers, and even doctors and nurses. 

We are in a position to quickly transfer these funds to our partners.  They are ready to immediately purchase and distribute these resources. 

The CARE campaign will continue raising funds designated for Covid-19 response until the pandemic eases. I am asking you to please make a donation TODAY. 

Your contribution could prevent someone in Central America from infection and even death. DONATE here!

Someday soon CoCoDA will return to water projects, scholarship programs, and public health initiatives. Until then, CoCoDA is a Covid-19 response organization!