The La Mora clinic has long been an example of a local controlled clinic offering accessible, quality healthcare to the working poor. In 2014, La Mora clinic served nearly 12,000 people. CoCoDA works with partners like Resurrection Catholic Parish in Canton, MI to provide financial support to the clinic in the form of salaries, medications and equipment. La Mora is also one of the clinical sites for students and faculty from the Indiana University Department of Family Medicine.

In collaboration with Indiana University, we began construction of a Dental Clinic at La Mora. This will involve constructing two additional rooms and providing dental equipment. Once complete, dental students from El Salvador will intern at the Clinic.

Delegations are invited to participate in this project in the following ways:

  1. Live in La Mora and help construct the Dental Clinic.
  2. Raise money for medications for the clinic.
  3. Help equip the Dental Clinic upon its completion.
  4. Organize a medical brigade to address a specific medical issue like cleft pallets or diabetes.