Nicaragua Composting Latrine Project

In March of 2018, delegations from Indiana University and West Virginia University completed the final two composting latrine demonstration sites in our six site initiative. We now have six demonstration composting latrines in four communities – Zacataloza, Cacao, La Sabanita, and Aguas Calientes. These composting latrines are being used by school children as well as community members and utilized to teach the advantages of composting latrines.

In December of 2018, staff will evaluate the training regimen, maintenance and effectiveness of these sites. With these demonstration sites established, CoCoDA and IPADE hope to build over sixty inexpensive composting latrines at community homes over the next five years. These latrines will greatly improve public health, conserve water and protect water quality. We hope this project becomes a model for Central America.

Delegations are invited to participate in this project in the following ways:

  1. Live in a community and help families construct a composting latrine.
  2. Raise the funds required to build each composting latrine. We estimate these home based latrines will cost about $500 each.
  3. Help lead public health workshops with children and adults.