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Wooster Delegation - CoCoDA
Introduction to the history of El Salvador - CoCoDA

Every CoCoDA delegation includes one to two days of historical and cultural orientation. You’ll learn about your destination country from its citizens, hearing their stories and experiences. You’ll visit historic sites and learn how the policies of the United States have impacted these countries and their people. You’ll hear about their present challenges and successes, meeting politicians as well as compasenos. CoCoDA staff will help you reflect on these experiences.

Cultural Immersion
IU Med students, Cultural exchange - CoCoDA

Every CoCoDA delegation spends at least part of their visit living with a host family. This allows you to truly understand the joys and challenges of living in Central America. You’ll hear their stories, play with their children, eat their food and sleep under their roofs. You’ll be amazed how quickly you overcome your language and cultural barriers and develop a friendship. Most delegates list their time with their host family as the highlight of their visit.

You've never experienced Central America like this!

A CoCoDA delegation is more than sightseeing, or a mission trip, or a class.We offer a unique combination of education, cultural immersion, collaboration, reflection and fun.We will fill nearly every waking hour of your visit with mind and heart expanding experiences.

2020 Delegations

In 2020, CoCoDA will facilitate delegations from the following organizations:

  • Centre College
  • Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Rotary International
  • College of Wooster

Why not join them?

For Those Ready To Lead A Delegation...

CoCoDA offers a Delegation Information Packet to all those organizing a delegation. This twenty-five page pdf answers nearly every question you or a delegate might have about a trip to El Salvador or Nicaragua.

The packet includes registration forms, waivers and packing lists. It also has resources for preparing for your trip and learning about your destination country.

Download one of the delegation information packets below…

Wooster Delegation working in a school - CoCoDA

Every CoCoDA delegation includes your involvement in a community initiative or project. You’ll work beside Central Americans on a project they’ve planned, organized and will eventually own. Your primary goal is not completing the project, but contributing to their efforts. In getting your hands dirty, you’ll appreciate the obstacles they overcome every day. In the process, you’ll better understand their priorities, challenges and needs.

Centre College realease turtles in the beach, El Salvador - CoCoDA

While we think learning and working can be fun, a CoCoDA delegation also involves plenty of opportunities to play. Whether it’s a pick-up game of soccer at the end of the day, playing games with the village children, climbing a volcano, exploring a colonial town, boating on one of the beautiful lakes, or relaxing on the beach, nearly every CoCoDA delegation offers time for relaxation and recreation.

Introduction to the history of El Salvador - CoCoDA

A CoCoDA delegation is intended to expand your worldview. We’ll give you daily opportunities to reflect on all you’re learning about Central America, about the world and about yourself. At each point, we’ll help you explore the “whys” of Central American life and politics. At the end of the trip, we’ll provide a day of relaxation and decompression as you prepare for the most challenging aspect of any CoCoDA delegation – returning home.

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