On March 2023, the new Solar-Powered Water System was completed in Motuce, Nicaragua. It was since 2017 that CoCoDA’s partner in Nicaragua, MCN, identified the community of Motuce as a community with both significant needs and capabilities, that this project began to develop.

In 2021 the community agreed that potable water was the main priority of the community, initiating the planning and implementation of the project.

The community of Motuce is located in the municipality of Somoto, Madriz, Nicaragua. This community was founded by displaced families from the 1980-1989 Contra War and now has a population of almost 600 people. The families of Motuce, like in most rural communities of Nicaragua, subsist by farming and working in the coffee harvest.

As CoCoDA, we trust our Central America´s partners and when the MCN-Somoto told us about Motuce and the need of the water, we agreed to give them the opportunity to present their dream to possible donors and so they did. In September 2021, CoCoDA held its second Sun and Water Conference virtually due to the complications caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The digging of a well was done by a local company hired by CoCoDA’s partner in Nicaragua, MCN-Somoto

Project Timeline

The project will be officially inaugurated next month (June 2023) with a visit by the Board of Directors to Nicaragua.

CoCoDA’s local partner, the Nicaragua Community Movement (MCN) played a vital role in the project. At each stage, they were responsible for the accounting, supervise, communication with local authorities, consultation with the community and the monitoring of the project.