The CoCoDA Internship program is designed to allow Salvadorians and Nicaraguans the opportunity to work side by side with CoCoDA employees in the areas of communications, social media, graphic design, public health, and delegation facilitation, project management while improving English language proficiency.

While CoCoDA is open to applications from all students for possible internships, we will give preference to those in the following degree programs: Communications, English, Engineering, Graphic Design, Business Administration, Public Relations, Public Health, Medicine, and Social Work.

CoCoDA is open to full-time and part-time internships at all times of the year.
While English proficiency is not required for an internship, those applicants with some English proficiency will be given greater consideration.

Aplication process

Internship applicants are asked to:
1. Fill out a registration form with all pertinent personal information.
2. Identify the area of work/expertise they wish to develop through the internship.
3. Identify the time period for which they would like to intern and the number of hours each week they wish to dedicate to the internship.
4. Suggest ways in which they can contribute to the work of CoCoDA.
5. Supply academic and work letters of support.

Upon completion of these steps, applicants will be vetted by CoCoDA staff and if their academic pursuit and expertise fit a present CoCoDA scope of work, they will be offered an interview. Upon the successful completion of the interview, CoCoDA staff will either approve or decline the internship. Approved internships will receive a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) describing the specific terms and responsibilities of the internship.

Job Description

Interns work closely with CoCoDA staff on either their assigned duties or special assignments designed for the internship.


The intern will not:
·Manage money.
·Make any decisions for CoCoDA.
·Be considered an employee of CoCoDA.

Rules and Responsabilities

The intern will be responsible:
·To work closely with a designated CoCoDA employee to assist them in their duties, assisting in the completion of projects or tasks.
·To complete agreed-upon assignments within the scope of the work.
·To attend CoCoDA meetings or events (virtually and in person) as required by the scope of the work.
·To periodically report on their progress and/or accomplishments.
·To speak, write and use English as often as possible.

Other responsibilities as agreed upon at the beginning of the internship in the MOU.


Interns will receive the following benefits:
·A stipend of up to $100 a month, depending on the monthly hours of the internship.
·If working with a delegation, all living expenses during the length of the delegation.
·A Letter of recommendation following the internship, listing the acquired skills and proficiencies of the intern.

*Send your application to the following e-mail:

*Or you can contact us through: 7166 6622

Please fill this form to apply http://Internship Form

Here is the file if you want to download this information in Spanish.