09 Apr

Feb 2024 IU Med Student Delegation to El Salvador

The delegation of medical students from Indiana University arrived in El Salvador on January 28, 2024 and stayed in the municipality of Suchitoto for 4 weeks during which they did their rotations in medical centers and received Spanish classes.From January 28 to 31, the delegation stayed in the capital San Salvador for orientation days led by CoCoDA’s director in El Salvador, Karilyn Vides, and the assistant director in El Salvador, Enrique Pineda.The delegation consisted of fourth year medical students: Kristen...

02 Apr

The Newly Launched Teresa Batto Teacher Fund

This fund will fund up to two new teachers at the Las Delicias school in El Salvador for the next five years.On Thursday, February 8th, CoCoDA, our partner CRC and the Batto family announced the establishment of the Teresa Batto Teacher Fund. The teachers at this school, which has only been funded by the government through elementary, have been offering classes through high school. This fund will increase the number of teachers, decrease the class size and allow a fuller...

14 Mar

Febrero Fiesta 2024 Was Best Yet!

Thank you so much for attending the 2024 Febrero Fiesta!Thanks to the generosity of you and many others we raised $33,000 and counting for prenatal vitamins, scholarships, water projects, teacher salaries and much more.More highlights of Febrero Fiesta 2024:We had over 175 people attend at least one nightAudience from seven different countriesWe had 36 people engage with CoCoDA for the very first time.Our DonorsWe would like to extend a big thank you to our nightly sponsors...

19 Jan

Travel to Central America with CoCoDA!

Friends of CoCoDA Trip is coming back to Nicaragua and El Salvador this June!Join us for these affordable, family friendly trips and be inspired by rural Central American communities, their leadership and the projects CoCoDA had supported for social development. This is a great opportunity to see and understand our projects in Central America and the impact they have on the lives of the communities.CoCoDA is proud to announce that we are relaunching the highly popular Friends of CoCoDA trips in BOTH El Salvador...

29 Nov

The Success of the 2023 Sun and Water Conference!

On November 18, CoCoDA held the Sun and Water Conference 2023. Face-to-face with leaders in El Salvador and Nicaragua, and virtually with North Americans. To learn about the advantages and best practices of solar power in water systems, and to listen to the presentations of two new projects in need of funding. All through representatives of communities that have benefited from past projects, who need to retrofit their system or create one from the very beginning.

13 Sep

Get ready for the 2023 Sun & Water Conference!

A virtual gathering of Central American community leaders and North American supporters to explore the incredible potential of using solar power to bring clean, affordable and sustainable water to rural Central Americans.REGISTRATION LINKWhile there has been significant progress, potable water continues to be a challenge in Central America. At present, about 88% of Salvadorans and 68% of Nicaraguans have access to clean water. Unfortunately, those still without access to clean water live largely...

Motuce Solar-Powered Water Project
16 May

CoCoDA Brings Clean Water to Motuce, Nicaragua.

On March 2023, the new Solar-Powered Water System was completed in Motuce, Nicaragua. It was since 2017 that CoCoDA’s partner in Nicaragua, MCN, identified the community of Motuce as a community with both significant needs and capabilities, that this project began to develop.In 2021 the community agreed that potable water was the main priority of the community, initiating the planning and implementation of the project.The community of Motuce is located in the municipality of Somoto, Madriz, Nicaragua. This community was founded...

20 Feb

Let’s Celebrate 30 Years of Social Development through Febrero Fiesta 2023!

A Friendraiser for Companion Community Development Alternatives and their water, public health, and education projects in El Salvador and Nicaragua.Febrero Fiesta is CoCoDA’s annual virtual friend and fundraiser.  It is an opportunity for us to celebrate with longtime supporters as well as curious new friends with a goal of learning, inspiring, and raising $30,000 to celebrate 30 years of projects in Central America. Each night’s 1-hour segment will begin at 8:00 p.m. EST and focus on a different theme.  The...

Leaders who make CoCoDA strong
06 Sep

Leaders Who Make CoCoDA Strong

Companion Community Development Alternatives (CoCoDA) was established in 1992, as an extension of the work of Building With the Voiceless of El Salvador (BVES) which was founded by Tim Crouse and Peter Melberg (of DePauw University) in the United States alongside Salvadorans such as José Peña.The success of CoCoDA has always been due to the commitment to having Central Americans and North Americans working side by side in an effort to build not just a bridge, but a strong and equitable one that allows people to weave friendships. ...

CoCoDA and ADES inaugurate Student House Iván Villasboa
08 Aug

CoCoDA Inaugurates a Student House for Young People from Rural Communities

After two and a half years, CoCoDA Executive Director Jim Mulholland, CoCoDA board members Iván Villasboa, Deborah Payne and Genevieve Ryann as well as Indiana University representative Jennifer Custer returned to El Salvador to reconnect with partners, visit recent projects and inaugurate two of our greatest collaborations during the pandemic.Casa Iván VillasboaOn Thursday, June 9th, our longtime partner ADES and CoCoDA inaugurated the scholarship program resident dormitory and renamed the building “Casa Iván Villasboa” in honor of the years of...