Introduction to the history of El Salvador - CoCoDA
Water and Sanitation

With your help, we can begin to eradicate the diseases caused by tainted water sources and poor sanitation systems. Join us in bringing potable water to homes in some of Central America’s most rural areas. You’ll visit past projects and see your impact. Many delegations get a chance to lay pipe, build a pila, construct a composting latrine or a gray water cistern.

Public Health
IU Med Students working with midwives in the communities

We see health as an economic asset that is critical to the development of any nation. Learn about and engage in efforts related to preventative care and medical treatment of common conditions. Work with our clinical partners to create sustainable health solutions. Work in a hospital, travel into the countryside with a medical team, assist in a clinic, or teach public health.

Every CoCoDA Delegation Is Unique

CoCoDA creates a customized delegation for your specific needs, time frame and interests.

Whether a church, service club, university or group of friends, we can maximize your learning and impact.

Challenge us to create something unique for you!

For Those Ready To Lead A Delegation...

In 2020, CoCoDA will facilitate delegations from the following organizations:

  • Centre College
  • Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Rotary International
  • College of Wooster

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For Those Ready To Lead A Delegation...

CoCoDA offers a Delegation Information Packet to all those organizing a delegation. This twenty-five page pdf answers nearly every question you or a delegate might have about a trip to El Salvador or Nicaragua.

The packet includes registration forms, waivers and packing lists. It also has resources for preparing for your trip and learning about your destination country.

Download one of the delegation information packets below…

Education and Youth
Inauguration of El Roble school - CoCoDA

Education is the backbone of social change and the route to economic prosperity and technological advancement. Learn about the educational systems in Central America and what is being done in-country to increase literacy and make higher education more accessible. Help build a school, create a computer lab, provide scholarships or co-sponsor a workshop.

Environmental Issues

Environmental concerns know no borders, and maintaining and managing natural resources are global issues. Learn how mining, pollution, deforestation, and other environmental matters affect Central America and your own nation. Help clean a stream, teach conservation, or reforest a mountainside.

Arts and Culture
Añil - Cultural activities, CoCoDA

Take a journey through the evolution of Central American art, food, music, dance, architecture, and revolutionary history. Learn to indigo dye, weave a basket, throw a pot or dance a native dance. Enjoy a homestay with a Central American family ready to teach you their customs, language and recipes.

Photography and Design
A delegations visiting El Rosario Church

Central American colors are a photographer’s paradise.

Photography and design find incredible opportunities in a tropical setting in a new culture. Opportunities for narrative, story-telling, form, texture and color abound. Designers can work with other disciplines and with communities to attract attention to the needs, the beauty, the possibilities for positive change.

Kids playing fútbol in the communities - CoCoDA

Millions of Central Americans live in the United States. Learn about immigration from the opposite perspective, that of those who find it necessary to travel illegally to the US. Hear their stories and rationales. Explore how drugs, youth violence, family reunification and remittances play a role in this symbiotic relationship between Central America and the United States.

Public Policy and Economics
Introduction to the history of El Salvador - CoCoDA

From women’s empowerment to labor issues, from health to education, from land rights to global competitiveness, meet some of the individuals and groups at the forefront of Central American public policy and economic development efforts. Learn how to take this knowledge home and use it to influence global policy.

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