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Internship Opportunity with CoCoDA If you are a social committed person and want to get experience at working with community development, check out this link for more information.
09 Feb

Join Us for Four Nights of Fun, Learning, Videos, Games, and Inspiration!

Welcome to Febrero Fiesta 2022 through this link!Febrero Fiesta is CoCoDA’s annual virtual friend and fundraiser.  It is an opportunity for us to celebrate with longtime supporters as well as curious new friends with a goal of learning, inspiring, and raising $25,000 for projects in Central America.  Each night’s 45-minute segment will begin at 8:00 p.m. EST and focus on a different theme.  The program will include live interviews, powerful videos, and voices from both Central America and North America. ...

23 Jul

Aguacayo community received water through the Sun and Water Initiative

Aguacayo community, like many communities in El Salvador, was very affected during civil war. When families started to repopulate the community, they faced with a different kind of life with no water at homes. They had to walk dangerous paths to get water. Meet Carmen Amaya, one of the first inhabitants of this community and know some of the history around this issue and how CoCoDA changed their life with a new water system and then with the Sun and...

06 Apr

Cultural Activities

After all the hard work, there’s always time to immerse in a different way with the culture of the country where we work. ...

06 Apr

History Introduction

Knowing the history of the countries we work with helps our delegations to understand better the present culture through its past. ...

06 Apr

Public Health

We are committed to supporting health care is to improve health care systems for Central Americans and North Americans. ...

06 Apr

Water and Sanitations

CoCoDA is committed to assisting our partners in Central America in their lofty goal of providing 100% of their citizen with clean and potable water. ...

06 Apr

Education Projects

We are committed to seeing the children we work with as elementary students one day attend university. ...

06 Apr

Spanish Classes

Part of the experience of cultural immersion is to learn the language of Central American people. ...

06 Apr


While you’re learning, you can be captivated and capture the experience through photography. ...