Board of Directors

CoCoDA Board of Directors
The CoCoDA Board of Directors represents CoCoDA partners and friends from the United States, Canada and Central America. Board members serve for three year terms. The Board meets via internet four times a year and face to face once a year, alternating between the United States and Central America.
The board meeting with our Salvadoran partners in June of 2015
The Board meeting with our Salvadoran partners in June of 2015.
Paul Smithson takes down the rest of the bombed school in El Roble
Paul Smithson was asked to be on the Board of Directors shortly after this performance taking down the rest of the bombed school in El Roble.
Harriet Bromley explains some history to a new delegation
Harriet (Jenny) Bromley—who has been working in El Salvador since the middle of the Civil War—explains some history to a new delegation.

Nate Addington
Univ. of Missouri Kansas City
Kansas City, Kansas

Vice Chair
Genevieve Ryann
Indiana Department of Health
Columbus, Ohio

Deborah Payne
Louisville, Kentucky

Ivan Villasboa
US Immigration and Customs
Miami, Florida

Dr. Kathy Stolarz
Georgetown University
Baltimore, Maryland

Mandy Brookins
The Forum on Education Abroad
Plainfield, Indiana

Jason Burk
Halstead Architects
Indianapolis, Indiana

Barb McDaniel
Retired Educator
Indianapolis, Indiana

Dr. Kurt Patterson
IU Health
Whiteland, Indiana

Paul Smithson
Retired, Berea College
Berea, Kentucky

Daniel Diaz
Director of Study Abroad
Cawtaba College
Greensboro, North Carolina

Cynthia Curtis
Arras Foundation
Lancaster, SC

Lara Chandler-Belsley
Dove House
Fishers, IN

Dr. Brittany McCoy
Jessica Trimble
Doug Harms
Don Chery
Harriet Bromley
Susanne Wilson
Dr. Scott Renshaw
Robert Broz Moran
Cecil Pollard
Eve Faulkes