Iván J. Villasbôa.

Iván J. Villasbôa.
Phone: 786-901-4095

    Iván has been the heart and soul of CoCoDA for many years. A graduate of DePauw University, Iván gained a deep appreciation for service learning experiences. In 1993, Iván joined CoCoDA as a Delegation Coordinator and has introduced hundreds of people to the El Salvador story. Over the years Iván has worked on dozens of vibrant and sustainable projects in El Salvador and is deeply trusted by the people of El Salvador. He is excited about what he has to learn as CoCoDA expands to Nicaragua.

    Ivan says, “People travel to Central America thinking they are going to help people, but soon discover that, in living and working with Central American people, they are the ones who are changed. Helping people be transformed is incredibly satisfying.”

    Ivan works with delegations in preparing for their visit to Central America as well as developing the collaborative projects in El Salvador and Nicaragua. Those interested in exploring a delegation or supporting a project can contact Ivan at ivan@cocoda.org.