Intern Program

10 Apr

Braxton Jenkins

Braxton Jenkins traveled to El Cacao, Nicaragua. He evaluated a dysfunctional residential solar panel system that was installed 10 years ago by the government. He discovered most community members were not trained to monitor the components in their systems or address complications. He also determined the necessary repairs to improve the system. CoCoDA will be seeking funding to assist with the renovation and expansion of this project in 2020. According to Braxton, “My recommendations included components that have successful track records...

10 Apr

Leah Amstutz

Leah Amstutz’ work focused on evaluating and making recommendations to several community based water systems in communities in El Salvador. These systems presently use chlorination as a method of water disinfection. However, a frequent complaint by the people in this communities is that the chlorine taste is too strong. Maintaining a stable level of chlorine that is adequate for disinfection, but not so high as to discourage the water’s consumption, has been difficult in some of these communities. Leah’s work...