09 Nov

The Faces Behind CoCoDA

Over the years, CoCoDA has fulfilled its mission thanks to many people – staff, Board members, volunteers, donors, champions and our many partners in Central America.  These are people committed to our work, empathetic to the needs of those with less privilege or resource. North Americans and Central Americans have worked side by side, managing projects and creating programs for the benefit of the communities because, like CoCoDA, they have commited to improving the quality of life for those in Central America and creating connections between...

Continuing Education Program
02 Oct

CoCoDA Adjusts to the Pandemic

The pandemic has changed life for all of us – in the United States and in Central America.  One of the chief challenges for CoCoDA has been how to continue to meet our mission of connecting North Americans and Central Americans. We had to cancel all delegations during 2020 and 2021. With the Delta variant hitting Central America this month, we cancelled the delegations planned for January and February of 2022.  These challenges have forced us to be creative in continuing to...

28 Jan

Speakers Bureau – An approach to Central America

The CoCoDA Speakers Bureau is designed to create one-hour Zoom presentations that: Sustain positive connections between Central American and our partner universities, churches, and Clubs during the pandemic when face to face interactions in Central America are impractical. And, Generate revenue for CoCoDA during a period when we cannot sustain the income normally generated by delegations.These one-hour presentations could include one or more of the following:1.   A CoCoDA staff person presenting on a subject or theme.2.     A staff person...

Inauguration of El Roble school, El Salvador - CoCoDA
20 Mar


Our former participants share powerful reflections on their experiences in Central America. ...

Introduction to the history of El Salvador - CoCoDA
20 Mar


Check out a sample itinerary and explore what a visit to Central America looks like. ...

La Palma - Cultural activities, CoCoDA
20 Mar

Logistical Questions

CoCoDA delegations allow leaders and participants to focus on learned and experiencing while we handle logistics. ...

Introduction to the history of El Salvador - CoCoDA
13 Mar


CoCoDA can customize a delegation to address academic, social, political, cultural and economic interests. ...

Wooster Delegation working in a school - CoCoDA
13 Mar

Our Unique Approach

CoCoDA delegations are deep dives into the history and culture with a heavy emphasis on ethical reflection. ...

Introduction to the history of El Salvador - CoCoDA
30 Jan

Seventeen Centre College students study and work in Santa Marta and Masatepeque, El Salvador

Seventeen students from Centre College, Kentucky visited Santa Marta, Cabañas and Masatepeque in Suchitoto in a course of study and service learning. During sixteen days, Centre College students were part of the two communities, living in homestays and working side by side while learning the culture, the history and lifestyles of the local people. In Santa Marta, the students visited CoCoSI (a HIV/AIDS prevention organization), Sueños de Madera (a woodworking cooperative) and the Organic Farming Cooperative of the Santa Marta community. At each...